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NO Reading Fees

    $0 No reading fees for submission to Anthologies, The Drury Gazette or Theo's Compass. Submission does not guarantee acceptance nor publishing of submitted work. An Author Release Form must accompany ALL Submissions. Submission will ONLY be acknowledged or returned if providing a S.A.S.E. (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope) with proper postage.
    Submissions may be Any Subject, Any Style, and Any Genre. Typed. Some restrictions may apply. You are NEVER under ANY obligation to purchase anything at any time. Purchasers are given premium consideration and placement. You may receive offers to purchase publications or services however you are NOT obligated NOR required to buy anything to guarantee publication of accepted work. Whether you purchase or not accepted work is still published.
    Accepted submissions will be typed set, a publisher proof mailed to the legal originator for correction of possible errors. Should originator not return publisher proof within time frame given work will be published "AS IS". ONLY typesetting errors may be corrected at that time. Publisher Proofs are the sole and complete property of the Publisher and MUST be returned.
    Submissions are NOT open to the public at large. You must have received a direct mail invitation or been recommended by a past or present author to have your submission considered. If you are submitting an unsolicited manuscript it is required you state the author/publication recommending or sponsoring you. These are Not-For-Profit publications. Supported by my personal funds. Donations or purchases aid in offsetting associated cost. Submissions NOT adhering to these conditions will be rejected.
    The sole purpose of Anthologies, The Drury Gazette, and Theo’s Compass is to help authors with limited to no means promote their material. No commercial adverts support or are present in these publications. Included adverts are FREE book advertisements for authors and FREE or EXCHANGED adverts of publications whose goals are similar.
    Anthologies: Every accepted author has their work published for FREE which includes their photo and BIO. The Drury Gazette & Theo’s Compass: Every accepted author has his or her work published for FREE, sometimes includes photo and BIO, and author receive FREE advert space to promote their published book, music, and film or solicited orders. All adverts are the sole and complete responsibility of the advertising party.

* S.A.S.E. = Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope
** (Nothing Pornographic)
*** Author may retract submission at any time in writing prior to typesetting or mailed publisher proofs; whichever comes first. No retraction will be accepted if either of these conditions exist without compensation to the publisher for time, expense and delays. Removal requires both author and publisher written agreement.
**** Any use in whole or in part of my copyright material in print or electronically is NOT authorized without my express written consent. Any such use in any published form whether you receive payment or not is strictly prohibited and must monetarily compensate me for such use. You must cease and desist immediately

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