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Anthologies, The Drury GazetteTM, Theo's CompassTM

Art/Photo/Poetry/Story Submission

NO Reading Fees

$0 No reading fees for submission to Anthologies,The Drury Gazette or Theo's Compass. Submission does not guarantee acceptance nor publishing of submitted work. Submission will ONLY be acknowledged or returned if you provide a S.A.S.E. with proper postage.

Accepted submissions will be typed set, a publisher proof mailed to originator for correction of possible errors. Should originator not return publisher proof within time frame given work will be published "AS IS". ONLY typesetting errors may be corrected at that time.

You are NEVER under any obligation to purchase anything at any time. Submissions may be Any Subject , Any Style, and Any Genre. Typed or emailed (Nothing Pornographic) Some restrictions may apply.