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 Set in Biblical times, Procula. a young girl, is raised by wealthy relatives in Rome. She marries Pontius Pilate, an Army officer, who is sent to Palestine as Emperor Tiberius’ personal representative to “keep the peace”. When Jesus (a popular Jewish rabbi from Nazareth) is jailed, Procula warns Pilate against involvement. He ignores her. Later, Pilate is summoned to Rome on false charges, but Procula manages their escape. This adventure story, based on historical research, recreates Biblical personalities. Born in a remote village, little is known of this woman until now. The world will never know how her influence could have altered the course of history. See how her own trials and tribulations influenced her life. And later positioned her into a seat of great power as wife to Pontius Pilate. Read for yourself as you take this remarkable journey into ancient Palestine to watch her life unfold. A sophisticated woman of means taunted by powerful imagery in her dreams. When a situation unfolded before Pilate, his wife quickly advised him to be cautious. Had she been more persistent, she may she may have been able to arrest the crucifixion. Later this caring woman of influence and power seeks sanctuary with her family in AEgyptus, in a small obscure city where they lived under assumed names. Isn't it time you discover the woman who may have changed history?

Marion H. Youngquist was born and educated in Salem, Oregon. She was a news reporter in Oregon and Nebraska where she graduated from Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, She also studied at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA, UW-Milwaukee, and seminars in Europe. She scribbles on planes, ships and in airports--gathering dialog and situations she overhears. For ten years she was a synodical editor and correspondent for The Lutheran and a contributor to other magazines. For ten years she was a synodical editor and correspondent for The Lutheran and a contributor to other magazines. She has written plays for Wauwatosa Village Playhouse. Two full-length plays--The Distlefink and The Gift-Givers--have won prizes as well as her poetry. A poem, Fourth of July Night, was included in a 12-month song cycle by composer Charyl Zehfus. Youngquist also co-authored Little Critters, a children's musical, with Lorraine Brugh, composer, published by Contemporary Drama Service. Procula is her first historical novel, (about the wife of Pontius Pilate) officially released by Drury's Publishing, August 2005. She belongs to the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, the Council for Wisconsin Writers, Tuesday A.M. Poets--Milwaukee, and The Dramatists Guild of America. Youngquist and her husband Ted, a retired Lutheran minister, live in Wauwatosa, WI. They have four children, six grandchildren (another deceased), and three great-granddaughters."