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YES! I hereby certify that my work, which (has been/may be) selected for publication by Gary Drury Publisher™ / The Drury Gazette™, is my own original work and that it has never been published; or, if previously published, that I am the sole copyright proprietor. I hereby authorize exclusive global rights for its publication by Gary Drury Publisher™/The Drury Gazette™ (Including but not limited to: First Rights, Reprints, Portable File Documents, audio books, eBook publishing and by any other means of promoting my work as Gary Drury Publisher™ / The Drury Gazette™ deems appropriate. I understand fully that I retain all rights to said work once relinquished by publisher after publication. This form will remain enforced until both author and publisher states in writing their agreement for termination. Only compensation for use of said work is publication.

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