Author Release Form 2017

    I hereby certify that my work, which may be selected for possible publication by Gary Drury Publishing™ / Gary Drury Publisher™ / The Drury Gazette™, or Theo’s Compass™ is my own original work and that it has never been published; or, if previously published, that I am the sole copyright proprietor. I hereby authorize global rights for its publication by Gary Drury Publishing™ / Gary Drury Publisher™/The Drury Gazette™, or Theo’s Compass™ (Including First Rights, Reprints, Portable File Documents, eBook publishing and by any other means of promoting my work. As Gary Drury Publishing™/Gary Drury Publisher™ / The Drury Gazette™, or Theo’s Compass™ deems fit. I understand fully that I retain all rights to said work. This form will remain enforced until both author and publisher states in writing its termination. Only compensation for use of said work is publication and reduced price copy of title in which author’s work appears or if author buys single copy at cost receive a second copy free.

    Amendment: Anthologies, the Drury Gazette and Theo’s Compass are compilations. Publications made available to the public (via traditional means or the Internet) such as anthologies or the Drury Gazette or Theo’s Compass may remain in print indefinitely. Author of any given piece of creative material with rights reverted back to him/her may not request removal from published title publication nor shall any compensation be remitted from such sells except what is stated above. These publications exist to aid, promote and build author’s publication credits.  This validation encompasses the entirety of past, present and future publications.

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