Barto, Susan C.

Palm Sunday is a saga about an Italian American family growing up in Brooklyn. The story follows the adventures of this large warm family as they move from Brooklyn to New Jersey and some as far as Florida. However, no matter how far the family is flung from each other they gather each Palm Sunday and Christmas to celebrate the holiday and more importantly the family. The story centers on five female cousins and how they grow and prosper-their loves, joys and sorrows. The story moves between the present time and the past telling of their parents and grandparents and how the family came to this country. The story concerns the grandparents and parents and their lives and fortunes and the children who in turn grow to have children and even grandchildren of their own. Each Palm Sunday and Christmas the family members reconnect and join together sharing their lives. Click HERE FREE PDF Sampling of Palm Sunday. Buy Palm Sunday.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The new conglomeration of short stories by Susan is outstanding. Rush and get your soft bound copy today before it's to late. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Susan C. Barto is a group of short stories about life, love, marriage and family. The author delves into a myriad of aspects of love and relationships between spouses, children, and lovers. Some of the stories seem to reflect pain and its subsequent growth as the protagonist comes out on the other side. One story tells about Emily Dickenson as the author imagines her and what her life and emotions may have been like. Other stories are more prosaic describing the love between husband and wife as they interact with each other and their off-spring.

The Gypsy Fortuneteller

A collection of fine short stories.

The Highway Man

The Highway Man is a riveting collection of short stories.