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Why you want to publish here at The PUBLISHER™? Very simple, you receive personalized attention, publisher listens to your input, and end results is high quality work. You will not be lost in a sea of other authors waiting their turn in line. You are not passed off from one person to the other during the publication process. You are always made abreast of delays or progress. FREE minor corrections to your Kindle eBook and Printed book for one year. Just read my most recent testimonials, you’ll see why authors’ publishing once return again and again. Don’t be just a dollar sign to huge over bloated corporations desiring quantity or quality. Your manuscript is a labor of love and hours, months, years even of hard dedicated work. It is your baby; you have nurtured into a child eagerly awaiting to become an adult. Don’t trust your manuscript to just anyone to save a dollar or two. I, The PUBLISHER™, work as closely with author’s budget as possible to give them the best personal experience possible. Some cost however is beyond my control such as: Copyright, ISBN, Bar Code, and Printing. If you are seriously interested in seeing your manuscript reach fruition as a published book . . .  go to the submission page and upload today. (Preferred submission format Microsoft Word .doc, .docx)


   Book Review Fee

$500 Review may be mailed or emailed, you use as necessary to promote your book. You may not alter or edit review in any way. The review may be retracted at publisher's discretion without notice for any reason whatsoever. Review fee is non-refundable.

   Cancellation/Refund of Product or Service

When Publisher grants cancellation or refund (stated as non cancellation or non refundable) of any anthology/gazette purchase, annual membership or service fee etc.. Publisher does not relinquish any rights whatsoever. Author/buyer agrees to remit to Publisher:

Publisher's current hourly fee and any fraction thereof billable at full hour calculations. In addition to administration fees associated with with such cancellation/refund. Unless cancellation/refund is requested within 3 days of transaction. At which time only actual amount paid may be refunded less publisher's expenses. Any transaction fees paid by Publisher that are unrecoverable will be subtracted from said cancellation/refund.

   Contract or any Correspondence NOT Returned within 30 Days of Date, Late Fees Apply (When return is requested)

$500 Per day until contract or document has been received by Publisher. Non-refundable.

   Published Book Reading Fee

$6 per page You may submit your published book for reading and a written review regardless of publisher publishing your book. The review for your submitted book is separate from reading fee. Reading fees are non-refundable.

   Publisher's Hourly Rate

Members $750  Non-Members $1500 Publisher's current hourly fee and any fraction thereof is billable at full hour calculations. EXAMPLE: One hour and one minute is billed for two hours. Non-refundable.

   Independent-Published Fiction / Non-Fiction Manuscript Reading Fee

$5 per page ONLY single-sided (100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but will apply toward your project.

   Independent-Published Poetry Manuscript Reading Fee
$1 per page ONLY 1 poem per page (100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but will apply toward your project.

   Stories/Novel Manuscript Reading Fee

$2 per page 100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but may apply toward your project.

   Meetings and Phone Consultations

must be scheduled in advance and paid in full for the first two-hours or any fraction thereof. Additional hours when time permits may be added on during a scheduled constellation if publisher and writer feel such a need. Writer will have fourteen days to make additional payment for the increase in session. Payment made later, stopped, bounced or not received will be penalized fifty-percent of amount due in addition to fees incurred. Nothing said or suggested during verbal consolation will be construed as legally binding by publisher or writer. In the event of a contract, only terms actually agreed upon in agreement will be binding. Publisher at no time is making any claims to any possible number of sells. Writer fully understands there could be no book sells and writer may not even recoup his or her investment in his or her book project. NO writer should invest more money into a book project than he os she can afford to lose. Consulting fees are non-refundable.

   Late Fees

$75 Accrued monthly when late or non payment occurs. Non-refundable.