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Self-Publishing Poetry Manuscript Reading Fee
$1 per page ONLY 1 poem per page (100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but will apply toward your project.

Self-Publishing Fiction / Non-Fiction Manuscript Reading Fee

$5 per page ONLY single-sided (100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but will apply toward your project.

Published Book Reading Fee

$6 per page You may submit your published book for reading and a written review regardless of publisher publishing your book. The review for your submitted book is separate from reading fee. Reading fees are non-refundable.

Book Review Fee

$500 Review may be mailed or emailed, you use as necessary to promote your book. You may not alter or edit review in any way. The review may be retracted at publisher's discretion without notice for any reason whatsoever. Review fee is non-refundable.

Publisher's Hourly Rate

Members $750  Non-Members $1500 Publisher's current hourly fee and any fraction thereof is billable at full hour calculations. EXAMPLE: One hour and one minute is billed for two hours. Non-refundable.

Stories/Novel Manuscript Reading Fee

$2 per page (100 page minimum) Reading fees are non-refundable but will apply toward your project.

Cancellation/Refund of Product or Service

When Publisher grants cancellation or refund (stated as non cancellation or non refundable) of any anthology/gazette purchase, annual membership or service fee etc.. Publisher does not relinquish any rights whatsoever. Author/buyer agrees to remit to Publisher:

Publisher's current hourly fee and any fraction thereof billable at full hour calculations. In addition to administration fees associated with with such cancellation/refund. Unless cancellation/refund is requested within 3 days of transaction. At which time only actual amount paid may be refunded less publisher's expenses. Any transaction fees paid by Publisher that are unrecoverable will be subtracted from said cancellation/refund.

Late Fees

$75 Accrued monthly when late or non payment occurs. Non-refundable.

Author Responsibility

Whether or not you include a sign document stating work you submitted is your own original creation you are fully responsible for all submissions submitted by you. You may retract your submission at any time in writing prior to typesetting – once typesetting has commenced a retraction will be billed for all cost of typesetting and removal there of at the then current fees, in addition to a mandatory $750 per hour fee. Full remittance must be received and cleared before retracted work will be removed from anthologies, The Drury Gazette, or any other publication by The Publisher including all publisher published, author/publisher published and self publishing projects. All submissions are legally bound by your signed contract with said publisher book contract or author release form when another contract is not active. Publisher may extend good faith line of credit to author to facilitate author's pursuit of publisher's services if publisher has reason to believe author will honor commitment. All request by author are legally binding unless written statement by publisher states otherwise. Publisher is not obligated to accept any submitted work by any author not referred or recommended by another writer whom The Publisher has current or past relationship.

Author's rights to submitted works ONLY reverts back to author if ALL fees have been remitted for services. Publisher will hold ALL rights until author has fulfilled their obligation of payment.

ALL fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable unless stated otherwise in writing. See NOTICE for additional information. All communications are billable at publisher's discretion on an hourly basis and any fraction thereof. Self and Shared publishing: WEB PAGE/HOSTING/Digital and Physical STORAGE/PROMOTION/VENDOR FEE: $2 to $20 per day (determined by book file requirements), per title, per binding, per digital file format, and must be paid in full for entire year first week of January annually to avoid penalties. TERMINATION FEE for author/publisher published (AKA Shared Publishing) is $1500 per title. Books available for resell author wants retired are billed per title, per binding, per digital format. ACCOUNT LATE FEE $35 per month. Your book files will be stored until author request termination 30 days prior to next renewal. There will be NO termination of any title, removal from storage etc., (all rights to author's copyright material remain in the control of said publisher) until author's account is paid up and in good standing. Author is responsible for all collection, litigation, and miscellaneous fees incurred by publisher including but not limited to legal, travel, lodging, and time loss. No prorating whatsoever. LITIGATION: Small Claims Court or Civil or Criminal legation will proceed in publisher's state. Author's delinquency may be reported to Credit Agencies. Author agrees that all factual information related to author's delinquent account in bad standing may be used in a court of law. Information may include name, address, phone number, photo of author, any communications between author and publisher, and account balance in default. NO grammar or printing error in text will be consider grounds to invalidate agreements.

Service Fees


The Publisher offers consulting and publishing services for those who want to self-publish, share publish and  or traditionally publish. I close the gap between self-publishing and royalty publishing, working directly with the author to meet his/her publishing aspirations. Each book receives professional and creative custom design. My service is individualized to accommodate each author and book project whether you're looking to print 100 copies or 10,000 copies. eBook services are available for new or previously published books. eBook formats to match your book needs. Your book is produced entirely in the USA of premium quality materials.

    Slef/Shared/Traditional publishing projects are NOT open to the public at large. You must have received a direct mail invitation or been recommended by a past or present author to have your submission considered. If you are submitting an unsolicited manuscript it is required you state the author/publication recommending or sponsoring you.

Your Success Is My Success.

The Publisher established 1982, Kentucky.