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Why you want to publish here at The PUBLISHER™? Very simple, you receive personalized attention, publisher listens to your input, and end results is high quality work. You will not be lost in a sea of other authors waiting their turn in line. You are not passed off from one person to the other during the publication process. You are always made abreast of delays or progress. FREE minor corrections to your Kindle eBook and Printed book for one year. Just read my most recent testimonials, you’ll see why authors’ publishing once return again and again. Don’t be just a dollar sign to huge over bloated corporations desiring quantity or quality. Your manuscript is a labor of love and hours, months, years even of hard dedicated work. It is your baby; you have nurtured into a child eagerly awaiting to become an adult. Don’t trust your manuscript to just anyone to save a dollar or two. I, The PUBLISHER™, work as closely with author’s budget as possible to give them the best personal experience possible. Some cost however is beyond my control such as: Copyright, ISBN, Bar Code, and Printing. If you are seriously interested in seeing your manuscript reach fruition as a published book . . .  go to the submission page and upload today. (Preferred submission format Microsoft Word .doc, .docx)



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The Publisher™ AKA Gary Drury Publishing™ offers consulting and publishing services for those who want to independent-publish, and traditional publish. I close the gap between independent-publishing and royalty publishing, working directly with the author to meet his/her publishing aspirations. Each book receives professional and creative custom design. My service is individualized to accommodate each author and book project whether you're looking to print 100 copies or 10,000 copies. e-book services are available for new or previously published books. e-book formats to match your book needs. Your book is produced entirely in the USA of premium quality materials.

Your Success Is My Success. SM

The Publisher™ established in 1982.

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Gary Drury Publisher was established to aid novice and intermediate poets and writers get their feet across the threshold of a publisher’s door. All too often the situation is that a publisher will not consider unsolicited manuscripts not provided by an Agent. Thus, most Agents won’t represent a poet/writer without a publishing track record. With this catch-22 de lima, several talented poets/writers finally throw in the towel. The frustration of a rejection letter after rejection letter (no matter how elegant and politely it’s written) gets to the better of struggling poets/writers.

That’s where Gary Drury Publisher™ differs. I produce a solid line of soft/hard bound editions. Catering not only to the novice/intermediate poet/writer. The publics need for fresh and talented originating artist. Many first time poets/writers manuscripts appear across my desk. Though I accept a nominal amount of new material — I do reject writings that I deduce to be unsavory, no literary value, or blatantly pornographic. I have an obligation to my family of poets, writers and readers to filter out unsuitable work.

For the most part, books may be read by anyone of any age without concern of offensive language or content. Though, there are rare occasions, where I believe a work needs to be publish. There are instances when a creative piece is more factional then fiction. When I elect to publish such a piece a disclaimer is added to provide notice for sensitive readers.

Note: Unless I specify otherwise - I do not return submissions. Poems should be typed as sample shown. Hand written in block style will be considered if legible. Amendments to all information on this website may be updated without notice. It is the sole responsibility of author to refer to these pages regularly.

Mail and Packages: No mail or packages will be accepted that require additional postage, requires a signature or sent via a carrier other than the United States Postal System. Doing so will cause mail or package to be rejected.

Personal Information: Your name, address, phone number, email address etc will never be given or sold to any entity. The previous being stated you must use your real verifiable legal name and address on all submissions. Whether or not you include or sign a document stating work you submitted is your own original creation you are fully responsible for any and all submissions submitted by you. Additional Exceptions if your account is not in good standing etc...or required by law to do so.

You may retract your submission at any time via snail mail first class prior to typesetting – once typesetting has commenced a retraction will be billed for all cost of typesetting and removal there of at the then current fees. Full remittance must be received and cleared before retracted work will be removed from anthology and/or the Drury Gazette or Theo's Compass. This includes any and all book publishing projects: Publisher published, author/publisher published, subsidized publishing, self publishing projects.

Be full warn that all publishing projects are non cancelable and non refundable --no exceptions whatsoever-- self publishing projects are non cancelable and self publishing project authors are legally obligated to see it through fruition. The publisher may at his or author's discretion/request make author's self published book available to the public for possible generated sells. An Author/Publisher Published Book (AKA Shared Publishing) and Self-Publishing Contracts. Publisher's sole responsibility to self published author is to provide author with a finished published book. Any and all statements made directly or indirectly outside of this text is non-binding that does not constitute the terms of this agreement. No typographical errors in this text shall constitute invalidity of this contract.

Mail and Packages: No mail or packages will be accepted that require additional postage, requires a signature or sent via a carrier other than the United States Postal System. Doing so will cause mail or package to be rejected.


All legal actions must reside in the state of Kentucky. All expenses incurred by Gary Drury Publisher/Publishing will be the full and sole responsibility of the author filing suit, including but not limited to legal, travel, lodging, and time loss expenses. Counter suit may be filed concurrently or afterwards. Publisher will sue author in his/her home state and can make public all communications, public information and author's delinquent debt accounts in local newspapers and online websites.


ALL fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable unless stated otherwise in writing. See NOTICE for additional information. All communications are billable at publisher's discretion on an hourly basis and any fraction thereof. STORAGE/VENDOR FEE: $2 to $20 per day (determined by book file requirements), per title, per binding, per digital file format, and must be paid in full for entire year first week of January annually to avoid penalties. TERMINATION FEE for self-published books is $1500 per title. Books available for resell author wants retired are billed per title, per binding, per digital format. ACCOUNT LATE FEE $35 per month, per title. Your book files will be stored until author request termination 30 days prior to next renewal. There will be NO termination of any title, removal from storage etc., (all rights to author's copyright material remain in the control of said publisher) until author's account is paid up and in good standing. Author is responsible for all collection, litigation, and miscellaneous fees incurred by publisher including but not limited to legal, travel, lodging, and time loss. No prorating whatsoever. LITIGATION: Small Claims Court or Civil legation will proceed in author's home state; author will be arrest for nonpayment and execution against author's property. Author's delinquency will be reported to all three Credit Agencies. Author agrees that all factual information related to author's delinquent account in bad standing will be used in a court of law. Information will include name, address, phone number, photo of author, all communications between author and publisher, and account balance in default. NO grammar or printing error in text will be consider grounds to invalidate this agreement.


Using this website and services legally obligates AUTHOR to any and all terms without exception whatsoever. If you do not agree to abide by all terms you must refrain from using this website and all services provided.


Whether or not you include a sign document stating work you submitted is your own original creation you are fully responsible for all submissions submitted by you. You may retract your submission at any time in writing prior to typesetting – once typesetting has commenced a retraction will be billed for all cost of typesetting and removal there of at the then current fees. Full remittance must be received and cleared before retracted work will be removed from anthology, The Drury Gazette, including all self publishing projects. All submissions are legally bound by the author release form when another contract is not active.

EFFECTIVE January 01, 2004: Book contracts including those that are non-renewalable automatically renew prior to expiration for an additional one year period until author or publisher terminates said contract. If author is terminating his/her self publishing book contract with 30 days notice to publisher, author must provide publisher written statement, copy of contract and remit payment for balances on said author active account. Publisher retains all rights to author's titles and files until author has brought his/her account current and good standing. Author may be infringing on such copyrights with future publications elsewhere without publisher's written consent because copyright encompasses author's style of writing. Contact publisher in writing via first class mail for additional information.

All Fees and terms are effective January 01, 2011 – Author must opt-out by December 31, 2010

NOTICE of self and shared publishing Book Contract Amendment: It is author’s full understanding and full responsibility to regularly check website for all updates and amendments. Author has 30 days from each posting to provide a written notice to opt out and bring his/her account in good standing by settling any balance remaining. All accounts are subject to an annual host/venders/storage fee of $2 to $20 per book title, per digital format, per binding, and per month. This fee must be remitted in full each year during the week of January 01. Author's not opting-out agree to these amendments as if written within their contract.

TERMINATION: This fee does not apply until author request termination of his/her contract. Author must give publisher 30 days’ notice of contract termination prior to automatic one year renewal of book contract. Contract will remain fully active until author remits termination fee and all balances on his/her account are paid in full. Book contract termination has a fee of $1500 per title. This will become effective January 01, 2011 as an amendment to your present book contract. All parties have until December 01, 2010 to opt out by mailing a written statement giving 30 days’ notice prior to automatic renewal of following year. All Storage Fees (see clarification below) in full annual during the first week of January each year. Non-payment will be charged a $75 late fee per month until full restitution has been made. I reserve the right to charge interest at the current rate in the year of termination. It is author’s sole responsibility to verify renewal or written notice of termination has been received.

Should author become delinquent at any time whatsoever I reserve full rights to precede with legal action without any notice. Author may be litigated for breach of contract in the state publisher resides. In addition, author hereby acknowledges that all correspondence and information related to his or her debt may be used as evidence in court of law. Author’s emails may be requested from their ISPs servers to ensure emails validly in a court of law. Said author fully understands that he/she assumes all cost related to the collection of his/her debt – including but not limited to: legal, travel, lodging, penalties, interest and miscellaneous cost incurred during collection of debit. Author fully understand that it is his/her sole responsibility to review all mailings, posted amendments, notices and pricing on this web site that may affect his/her contracts.

BOOK CONTRACT: This term includes Author/Publisher Published Book (AKA Shared Publishing) and Self-Publishing Contracts. Self-published is also known as independent-published.

Clarification: STORAGE FEE is general term used to calculate author fees for books and book files. The term is not solely used to mean ‘literal’ storage. The storage fee includes hosting, vendor cost, uploads, backup storage, account maintenance, digital uploads and transfers, website pages and actual storage of digital and or printed copies of books etc This fee also applies to Author/Publisher Published Book (AKA Shared Publishing) and Self-Publishing Contracts.

Any amendment not signed in writing and provided to the publisher within thirty days of notice automatically is amended to author's book contract as is signed by author and publisher.

Author may give notice of non acceptance of changes via email; however, notice will not be valid should publisher not receive written notice via USPS first class mail confirming non acceptance. Lacking any such notice publisher will verify author's full and complete acceptance of any terms addressed in amendments.