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Why you want to publish here at The PUBLISHER™? Very simple, you receive personalized attention, publisher listens to your input, and end results is high quality work. You will not be lost in a sea of other authors waiting their turn in line. You are not passed off from one person to the other during the publication process. You are always made abreast of delays or progress. FREE minor corrections to your Kindle eBook and Printed book for one year. Just read my most recent testimonials, you’ll see why authors’ publishing once return again and again. Don’t be just a dollar sign to huge over bloated corporations desiring quantity or quality. Your manuscript is a labor of love and hours, months, years even of hard dedicated work. It is your baby; you have nurtured into a child eagerly awaiting to become an adult. Don’t trust your manuscript to just anyone to save a dollar or two. I, The PUBLISHER™, work as closely with author’s budget as possible to give them the best personal experience possible. Some cost however is beyond my control such as: Copyright, ISBN, Bar Code, and Printing. If you are seriously interested in seeing your manuscript reach fruition as a published book . . .  go to the submission page and upload today. (Preferred submission format Microsoft Word .doc, .docx)



When is the DEADLINE for submissions for FREE publishing?
August 06, 2018 (subject to change or be extended at The PUBLISHER’s option.)
*You MUST have received an email from The PUBLISHER™ for this opportunity.
Or be recommended by an author published here.

What are the guidelines for submissions?
FREE publishing submissions are required to be digital and uploaded using the provided Submission Box.

What digital formats may I upload my submission in and what should I include?
When you submit your manuscript include:
Manuscript in .docx, or .txt format
Synopsis of Manuscript
Photo showing author face clearly (B/W or Color), Format .png, .jpg, or .bmp
Biography of Author
Share your thought regarding your book cover ideals.

Is there anything else I should provide The PUBLISHER™? 
Include brief note of your goals or ambitions for your submission. This will permit The PUBLISHER™ to guide you appropriately. The following information represents the most asked questions from potential authors.