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When is the DEADLINE for submissions for FREE publishing?

May 31, 2018 (subject to change or be extended at The PUBLISHER’s option.)

*You MUST have received an email from The PUBLISHER™ for this opportunity.
Or be recommended by an author published here.

What are the guidelines for submissions?

FREE publishing submissions are required to be digital and uploaded using the provided Submission Box.

What digital formats may I upload my submission in and what should I include?

When you submit your manuscript include:

Manuscript in .docx, or .txt format

Synopsis of Manuscript

Photo showing author face clearly (B/W or Color), Format .png, .jpg, or .bmp

Biography of Author

Share your thought regarding your book cover ideals.

Is there anything else I should provide The PUBLISHER™? 

Include brief note of your goals or ambitions for your submission. This will permit The PUBLISHER™ to guide you appropriately. The following information represents the most asked questions from potential authors.

What is The PUBLISHER™ providing for FREE with this generous offer?

The PUBLISHER™ is providing, page scanning, image to text, scanned text editing, basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections, typesetting, typeset editing, digital publisher proofs, author corrections of proofs. This amounts to several thousands of dollars’ worth of services literally for FREE. No exact dollar amount may be listed here because each book is special and sports different requirements.

Do I need an ISBN for my book?

All books The PUBLISHER™ publishes needs an ISBN. This is true for any Publisher.

What is the cost of an ISBN?

The PUBLISHER™ offers two options to authors. Which option author selects will be determined by his or her goals for book. The PUBLISHER™ does NOT control cost of ISBNs. An agency charges The PUBLISHER™ for ISBNs per book, per title, per format etc. Each book is assigned a unique number that cannot be used for any other book. Should a book be printed hard bound, softbound and ebook, each requires its own ISBN.

Author has two options to select from:

First is FREE ISBN but the printer will be listed in cataloging as publisher. Some resellers will not carry book with this option limiting potential sell possibilities. However, should author want book published merely for gift giving or premiums to family, friends and colleagues the FREE ISBN is all you need.

Second is PAID ISBN that list The PUBLISHER™ in ALL Books-In-Print cataloguing for Libraries, Jobbers, Resellers, Wholesalers etc. The PUBLISHER™ currently for THIS OFFER of FREE PUBLISHING ONLY is charging author (provided author elects PAID ISBN option) the cost of ISBN charged The PUBLISHER. Should your goal be to sell books and possibility earn royalties this is option to select. Having The PUBLISHER listed instead of printer is PROFESSIONAL.

Do I need to copyright my book?

With FREE publishing The PUBLISHER™ does NOT include copyright services. Any book published an available to the public should be registered with the copyright office. It is NOT required but does give you some additional legal protections. The Copyright Office does charge a fee for registration and at least two books. There is a time limit after publishing to register with them. You can register yourself or have The PUBLISHER™ register, but The PUBLISHER™ will charge administration processing fee, in addition to cost of registration in, the two require book copies and shipping and handling.

How many FREE copies of book will author receive once published? 

None. The PUBLISHER™ uses various book printers throughout the USA and does NOT control cost of book printing. The PUBLISHER™ does NOT require any author to buy copies either. Should any author want copies of their book. Author can order directly through publisher 30% to 40% off suggested retail pricing without book contract and 50% off with book contract. Plus, postage, handling and taxes where applicable. It is important to note that there is a low minimum book order. Each book printer has different cost and The PUBLISHER™ will select the lowest pricing for author.

Will The Publisher give me a book contract?

The PUBLISHER™ is likely to give author a book contract. But this does not translate or guarantee any number of book sells or any earned royalties.

What royalty percentage do I receive with book contract?

Example has been over simplified to simplicity.
Authors under book contract will see any profits from sells divided 50% author, 50% publisher.
Example: Book retails for $20 and profit is $8, Royalty would be divided Author $4/Publisher Royalty $4.

Anyone, offered a book contract must return it to publisher whether signed or not within the scheduled time frame. Author may not maintain any copies of book contract except for the copy provided by The PUBLISHER™ after signing. Author should keep contract with other important documents. When contract terminates for any reason whatsoever AUTHOR must return said contract to The PUBLISHER™.

Author MUST complete ALL information requested when signing. A clear photo (preferably colored) government issued photo ID, driver’s license, or green card is required. It will be imbedded to the book contract. Book contract will NOT be VALID until The PUBLISHER™ has signed, dated and AUTHOR has finalized copy in hand.

Why is the royalty percentage split fifty fifty?

Most authors are not looking to make a career or sells from their books. Self-publishing authors can receive 100% royalty from their books because author is paying up front for all cost of publishing. Traditional published authors generally receive percentages of 10% to maybe 15% that usually doesn’t start until publisher recoups investment. Established authors with a good track record may see slightly higher percentages. The Publisher™ is giving equal opportunity to all authors whom may not have a chance to see their work published any other way. Should author want to try and earn money from book sells it is only fitting Author and PUBLISHER share returns equally. After all, The PUBLISHER™ has done all the work to see the book published. This allows The PUBLISHER™ to make future offers to other authors.

Why do I have to provide a valid ID?

Your ID legally verifies who you are, your address, and your signature etc. This procedure guards against anyone whom may attempt to impersonate you.

Is my personal information safe?

Your personal information is secure here. The computers used to store contracts and personal information are NOT interfaced to the Internet. ONLY The PUBLISHER™ has access to the encrypted docs/files.

Why does The PUBLISHER™ show fees for Galleys, Proofs or Services if NOT returned?

Any communication from The PUBLISHER™ whether email, USPS, contracts, publisher proofs etc are the sole and complete property of The PUBLISHER™. They are intended only for the author being addressed. The PUBLISHER™ is NOT relinquishing any rights whatsoever. The PUBLISHER™ is NOT granting any written permission whatsoever. When The PUBLISHER™ instructs author to delete, return etc. and author does NOT comply AUTHOR is responsible to reimburse for those fees, actual and punitive losses. Provided author adheres to The PUBLISHER’s edicts author is NOT charged.

Will The PUBLISHER™ call or email me with offers and solicitations?

MOSTLY NO, occasionally you may receive invitation or offer via email. This is NOT spam as there is a relationship between AUTHOR and The PUBLISHER™. Most invitations or offers are via USPS.

The PUBLISHER™ will ONLY communicate with you via electronic means or USPS First Class or Priority mail. The PUBLISHER™ will NOT call you without scheduling a day and time with authorization code via email. Unless Author and The PUBLISHER™ have discussed other previous arrangements. At any time, you are contacted by a party you believe is NOT The PUBLISHER™ email immediately to the known valid email address: to be provided to author. The PUBLISHER™ email addresses are NOT provided to the public at large. Author is NOT permitted to share or distribute any of The PUBLISHER's contact information without consent.

Should you have ANY questions at any time DO NOT hesitate to email. Do not make assumptions get clarity. I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have. I will respond in a prompt manner to satisfy your uncertainty. Email the address provided you by The PUBLISHER™.

Isn’t Printing and Publishing the same thing?

NO! Anyone can print their writing and bind them together to form a handmade book. Just like you printed your manuscript probably on a computer printer. Printing is the production of books. Publishing is much more involved and time consuming. Publishing makes your book available to a select region or the world. Publishing is the issuance of books that have been groomed.

Is Publishing for everyone?

No, publishing isn’t for everyone even if they are self-publishing. Writing a manuscript is merely the first step. Finding an agent and publisher is difficult to near impossible. Should you be unfortunate enough not to have a connection. A publisher won’t read your manuscript if you don’t have an agent, the agent isn’t interested if you don’t have a publisher. There’s your catch-22, the rub that gets most writers piles of rejection letters, heartbreak and disappointment.

If you decide on the avenue of self-publishing and doing it correctly you are at the STARTING line. It’s a full marathon to the finish. It is costly, don’t fool yourself into think you can cut corners. That few dollars you save could be the death of your book. Then, there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. Publishing is an expensive proposition that you would be gambling on. Even if you have the best well written, best edited book in the world—there is NO guarantee that a single copy will sell, or you would recoup your investment. Most do not see any significant sells and even fewer recoup their expenditures. Don’t deceive yourself with the belief you put it out there it will sell. Plethora great writers before you have lived the horrors

Ernest Hemingway, H. G. Wells, George Orwell, and Steven King all had their share of rejections. However, they did not permit rejection letters to foil their efforts. They were persistent and some rejected writers even self-published. Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Steven King, Virginia Woolf, and Walt Whitman self-published to name just a few.


Email submissions preferred. Manuscript should be in Microsoft Word Format .doc or .docx. Any photos or images in the graphic format .jpg. ( manuscript, biography, synopsis etc. should be separate files.

1] Files should be named as follows:: (file names should be all lower case)

2] yourlastname_manuscriptTITLE_2018

3] yourlastname_synopsis_YEAR and do forth

4] Your completed manuscript arranged in your order of preference.

5] A two paragraph synopsis about your manuscript.

6] Author photo black and white or color.

7] An author biography.

8] Title of previous published books, if any.

9] Dedication text if wanted.


Should authors elect to order copies of their own books there is a 50 book minimum.

ALL information on this page is for this OFFER ONLY.