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Submission Page

Submission Form

This page is for submission to the current anthology and/or issue The Drury Gazette. All submissions are considered for both publications. Should submission be selected but too late for current publications it will be considered for next publication scheduled.

Only one poem or one story permitted per submission. You may cut and paste your creative work into submission box. All fields must be completed in order for your submission to be sent. No person may submit more than three poems or three stories per anthology or issue of The Drury Gazette, Theo’s Compass.

Example of how poem should appear in submission box to right.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I could swim
In your eyes water blue

Roses are red
Violets are cool
I would love to stroll
Under full moon with you

Your Name

You must use your legal name, address at time of submission and a valid email address. Your digital submission is bound by the Author Release Form as if you were using standard first class mail. Your submission will be deemed digitally signed upon depressing the SUBMIT button.

Anthologies, The Drury GazetteTM, Theo's CompassTM

Art/Photo/Poetry/Story Submission

NO Reading Fees

$0 No reading fees for submission to Anthologies,The Drury Gazette or Theo's Compass. Submission does not guarantee acceptance nor publishing of submitted work. Submission will ONLY be acknowledged or returned if you provide a S.A.S.E. with proper postage.

Accepted submissions will be typed set, a publisher proof mailed to originator for correction of possible errors. Should originator not return publisher proof within time frame given work will be published "AS IS". ONLY typesetting errors may be corrected at that time.

You are NEVER under any obligation to purchase anything at any time. Submissions may be Any Subject , Any Style, and Any Genre. Typed or emailed (Nothing Pornographic) Some restrictions may apply.