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     I would love to give a testimonial for Gary Drury Publishing™. He has just finished my second book and working on a third. He has been over and above all my expectations. His patience with this novice author, walking me through to success, has been quite an inspiring journey. I worked with him many times in the past, being published in his anthologies through the years.

     His work has always been totally professional. You tell him what you might like, and he focuses in on it successfully every time, being very willing to work with you on all aspects of your book project.

     I am very delighted with my books and yes, I would highly recommend this publisher to all authors, established or beginners such as I.

Janet Goven 04/24/2018


     The books came last week. They are awesome. Thank you so much. I really like the cover too.My favorite colors.

Janet Goven 03/08/2018


   No Hats or Bib Overalls On Dance Night is the third book of my poetry that The PUBLISHER™ (Gary Drury Publishing™) has accepted for publication. Each book has been completed as quickly as possible. The PUBLISHER™ (Gary Drury Publishing™) does not waste time. When he said that my two books of poetry would be completed before Christmas 2017, they were ready, on time.

     The proof reading and changes were made. Each step that needed to be done was mentioned in an email from him. This is the eighteenth collection of my poetry that has been published and none of those books has been effortless, but the two books that were completed by The PUBLISHER™ (Gary Drury Publishing™) have been the smoothest experiences I’ve had yet.

     I would highly recommend The PUBLISHER™ (Gary Drury Publishing™) to any writer, beginner or veteran. He does a good job!

Sheryl L. Nelms Poet/Writer 03.05.2018


   They have come and I am very pleased.  Thank you.  

Joyce Johnson 02/20/2018


     Dear readers! Over the past 20 years, I have repeatedly had to contact the publishing houses of different countries (USA, Russia, Germany, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, China, Taiwan, Japan). During these years 22 books of my poetry have been published, not counting the translations into Russian of many contemporary poets.

     I have known the publisher Gary Drury for more than 10 years. His publishing house GARY DRURY PUBLISHER™ printed my poems many times in English translation. I decided to try to publish my collection of poems in Russian and English. Usually it takes a long time to publish a new book. But I was surprised that after 2 weeks Gary Drury sent me the proofs of the manuscript. I'm glad that thanks to his publishing house, US readers can get acquainted with modern Russian poetry by reading poetry in Russian.

Dr. Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD International Poet of Merit 12.12.2017

     Уважаемые читатели! За  время последних 20 лет мне неоднократно приходилось обращаться в издательства разных стран (США, Россия, Германия, Испания, Греция, Кипр, Китай, Тайвань, Япония). За эти годы было издано 22 книги моей поэзии, не считая переводов на русский язык многих современных поэтов.

     С издателем Gary Drury я знаком более 10 лет. Его издательство GARY DRURY PUBLISHERмного раз печатало мои стихи в переводе на английский язык. Я решил попробовать издать свой сборник стихотворений  на русском и английском языках. Обычно издание новой книги требует много времени. Но я был удивлён, что уже через 2 недели  Gary Drury прислал мне гранки рукописи. Я рад, что благодаря его издательству читатели США могут познакомиться с современной русской поэзией, читая стихи на русском языке.

С уважением, Адольф Шведчиков, 12.12.2017