Youngquist, Marion H.


Set in Biblical times, Procula. a young girl, is raised by wealthy relatives in Rome. She marries Pontius Pilate, an Army officer, who is sent to Palestine as Emperor Tiberius’ personal representative to “keep the peace”. When Jesus (a popular Jewish rabbi from Nazareth) is jailed, Procula warns Pilate against involvement. He ignores her. Later, Pilate is summoned to Rome on false charges, but Procula manages their escape. This adventure story, based on historical research, recreates Biblical personalities. FREE PDF Sample PROCLUA. Buy PROCULA.

A String of Pearls

On December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor Day), the lives of Anna Marie Schulz and her classmates are forever changed. In her four years at McNaughton College during World War II, Anna Marie experiences humor and heartache as her boyfriends leave, die, or return. This novel is a tribute to Anna Marie’s own struggles and that of “the greatest generation” with their ultimate victory. In book clubs, many memories are shared of war years.

Maple Tree Tales

In the fictional town of Whittimore, a historic Sugar Maple stands in Pioneer Park and observes the constant changes among townspeople--characters in intertwined short stories of difficulty, desire, and destiny--an easy, but intriguing novel of Americana.

The Rocky Road Year

This contemporary novel revolves around Cal, a corporation executive, his wife Tara, and their daughter Anne. When Cal leaves Tara, she goes through the five stages of grief. Their daughter Anne refuses to accept her parents’ separation. A Guatemalan missionary trip reunites the three where they are changed in unexpected ways--each with a new future. Their story provides insight about American family life, affected by the business world. This is a good novel for discussion by book clubs.

Christmas Presence (Poetry)

Over five decades, the poet has written an annual Christmas poem. Now, these are all together--available for programs or private devotions during the Yuletide season.

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