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Additionally, the author/writer will learn to avoid several of the legal pitfalls a novice may innocently enough get caught up in. Unintentional problems that could potentially place the author/writer in a costly and time-consuming legal battle. A quick example of such a problematic situation is copyright infringement. I’m not speaking of infringement on another author’s/writer’s creative writing either. Did you know that the author/writer can copyright infringe their own writings? I can say with great certainty the majority of authors/writers are unaware. And Yes, it is a real legal scenario that the author/writer could find themselves embroiled unknowingly.

Consequently, the author/writer can hamper their potential avenues and sales channels simply by saying certain words and not securing proper identifiers. The author/writer immersed in creating and rewriting the manuscript hopes they are that next overnight top seller book. Once the manuscript’s completed to writer’s satisfaction the next thought naturally is to seek a publisher. Here is typically another blow to the author/writer and their introduction to a catch-22. Most traditional publishers won’t consider a writer without an agent, and agents want you to have a publisher first. First-time

 authors generally don’t have connections, sell track records, or a fan base to squeeze through the publisher's door.

What writer doesn’t dream of a publisher offering a sizable advance and book publishing contract? Guess what? Signing a publishing contract does not guarantee the publisher will even publish the book. The publisher could hold the manuscript hostage until the contract expires. This is not an unlikely scenario as the publisher’s agenda may have changed or financial investments reallocated to projects with higher projections or the publisher may be reducing the genres published. There are numerous variables at play affecting the outcome at any given time. The advance is NOT free money for the author. Moreover, whether the publisher stalls publishing or moves forward with publishing and sales are not as forthcoming as projected. The publisher can require the author to repay the advance given to him or her.

God sent you here to start your path on solid footing so you can proceed with confidence, integrity, and legal standing.

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