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Do not live with fear of “what if?” Or what could have happened instead embrace what life has to offer with vitality. Live without fear of failure because you only fail when you do not attempt to succeed. Failure is a learning experience; without failure you have learned nothing. Take a deep breath, inhale slowly, and exhale slowly. Take charge of your manuscript and tell your story. Show the world who you are supposed to be with pride.


My mission is to aid novice writers see their lifelong dream come true. Helping them along their creative journey each step of the way, advocating on authors’ behalf that the masses can have access to their fresh genuine talented literature. Don’t shy away from your dreams of being published due to fear. Make contact and experience the personal attention you and your manuscript deserve.

Dreams CAN Come TRUE

Take that first baby step, seize your old manuscript off the shelf. Give a solid hardy puff and blow plethora years of dust off. Freeing your creative muse now permeating the room and send it my way. It will cost you nothing but manual time and a bit of postage to have it evaluated for possible publication. Whatever you do, don’t live with the regret of “What ifs” when your manuscript can be read for consideration.

You have a wealth of first-time experiences in your life to recall fond important memories. Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing in front a fireplace with glass of dry red wine curling up with a good book, the romantic feel, the sweet aroma of its pages. This is truer when it is your very own book. It will be like you are reading it for the first time once published. Traditional publishing avenues usually require your manuscript be submitted via an agent. Most agents aren’t interested unless you have a publisher. A catch-22 circumstance. You have loads of choices and not everyone is out to become famous or rich, especially with their first book. How active author is promoting his/her book determines its fate also. Perhaps, you only want your manuscript published as a gift for your special occasion. Or you want the last word with family and friends when you move on. Whatever your reason for your manuscript? isn’t time for your dreams to come true? To see your dream transformed into reality? Say no to all those past rejection letters . . . You deserve this . . . You deserve to be recognized . . . You deserve to be published!

I began offering these services when noticing how difficult it was for people to see their life-long dream of being published failed. Authors frustrated with piles upon piles of rejection letters from traditional publishers. I am not a business. Imprints: Gary Drury Publishing, Drury Publishing, The Publisher, The Drury Gazette, and Theo’s Compass is NOT-FOR-PROFIT. DO NOT confuse NOT-FOR-PROFIT with NONPROFIT they are nothing alike. Everyone recommended is treated like family and given suggestions to make their manuscript ready for possible publication. Whether you are looking to self-publish, subsidy publish, or publisher publish. I’m merely a guy with skills that can help those wanting to fulfil their goal.

The individuals seeking me out are not vain, not seeking fame and not blinded by devil’s fortune. These authors are people just like you wanting to share themselves, their experiences, their creativity with others. One author dying of cancer wanted published book of his poem collection for gifts at a 40th wedding anniversary. Others have had a dream since teen years of having their own published book. Some individuals have come to me because they want the last word with family and friends when they die. The request has been myriad and reasoning’s behind their decision as varied.

I permit authors use of my own imprints to give their books a more finished and professional look. Library of Congress Numbers, ISBN and bar codes can to included should author want their book ready for resell.

A traditional publisher’s investment would be $80,000 to ready a single author’s book. Authors looking to self-publish and possibly market would be a hefty sum as well. Subsidiary Publishing could cost an author $10,000 to $20,000 or more depending on his or her book requirements.

I do everything myself to ready an author’s book including: editing, grammar, typesetting, proofing, galley proofs, author correction and or changes, front and rear cover design, shipping to author. I farm out printing of books a cost I have no control over. I use my own funds to cover general expenses such as ISBN numbers, Barcodes etc.… then invoice author to recoup. I am NOT providing a loan to any author as they are given an estimate of their book cost with printing prior to initiating book project. I work as closely with their budget to see author’s book to fruition.

I cannot take on more than ten individuals a year as time does not permit it. But the ones I can help realize their ambitions. They won’t see cost anywhere near those stated above as most of the expensive is handled by me for free. On my fees page (fees page is available for you to compare your savings when receiving a quote) you can easily calculate how pricey your book could be to see it published elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I have had a few authors leave me bearing cost as they refuse to pay for expenses I incurred from their book project. This clearly demonstrates to me their lack of Christianity toward my generosity to aid them recognize a dream. They are nothing more than dishonorable deadbeat thieves in which litigation must ensue. I will not be able to take on ten people this year due to non-reimbursing authors. Therefore, I requiring potential authors be recommended by writers I have had prior experience. An author not willing to undertake promotion of their book is doomed to fail. Having a book published doesn’t mean you will be an overnight success. You must make your book known and the best way is with public appearances and book signings. Buyers are interested in the author and the better you relate to your reading audience the more successful your book can be.Publishing is not inexpensive and should not be taken lightly.

Color My Soul

Gary Drury, Publisher



Live Without Fear.