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   Sandra Glassman lives in Long Island New York where she is a writer of children's books and a consummate poet. She composes music and has written a classical piece for a book. Glassman is a former piano teacher of twenty years.

   Most of her wonderful students were young children, and some adults. She enjoys writing poetry where life and fiction cross paths. Music and poetry are a combined force of pleasure for Glassman. She wrote a poem about our nation’s space program that was sent to the White House. Now Glassman’s prized framed poem is brilliantly displayed in her family room sporting former President Bill Clinton’s signature. Sandra Glassman presently has written over two thousand poems, and recipient of plethora awards.

   She records music for Emerald Records, located in Nashville Tennessee, Hilltop Records in Hollywood California, and Sun Records in Nashville Tennessee. A year ago, Glassman started guitar lessons which she never thought she would enjoy so much! Sandra Glassman has two lovely adult children Lee and Marrah. Because Glassman was able to read music and play before any structured piano lessons, music has helped her through life's roller-coaster up and downs. Sandra Glassman said “Words are a most powerful weapon, think before speaking.”

Sandra Glassman