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   Marion H. Youngquist was born and educated in Salem, Oregon. She was a news reporter in Oregon and Nebraska where she graduated from Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, She also studied at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA, UW-Milwaukee, and seminars in Europe. She scribbles on planes, ships and in airports--gathering dialog and situations she overhears. For ten years she was a synodical editor and correspondent for The Lutheran and a contributor to other magazines. For ten years she was a synodical editor and correspondent for The Lutheran and a contributor to other magazines. She has written plays for Wauwatosa Village Playhouse. Two full-length plays--The Distlefink and The Gift-Givers--have won prizes as well as her poetry. A poem, Fourth of July Night, was included in a 12-month song cycle by composer Charyl Zehfus. Youngquist also co-authored Little Critters, a children's musical, with Lorraine Brugh, composer, published by Contemporary Drama Service. Procula is her first historical novel, (about the wife of Pontius Pilate) officially released by Drury Publishing™, August 2005.

   She belongs to the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, the Council for Wisconsin Writers, Tuesday A.M. Poets--Milwaukee, and The Dramatists Guild of America. Youngquist and her husband Ted, a Lutheran minister (deceased October 02, 2015), live in Wauwatosa, WI. They have four children, six grandchildren (another deceased), and three great-granddaughters."

Marion H. Youngquist